Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation has a proven track record of success. Using evidence-based therapies, we specialize in difficult to treat cases. In fact, many of our patients are ultimately able to find relief after having previously failed therapies elsewhere. We look forward to helping you. Learn More >

Irvine Location Now Open

To better serve our South County patients, we are pleased to announce the opening of our third clinic in Irvine at 15771 Rockfield Blvd., suite 150 conveniently located by the 5 and 405 Fwys, off of McLaren. Learn More >

Personalized Programs Combining Manual Therapy and Home Exercise Programs


Our spine rehabilitation program specializes in difficult to treat cases. Individualized treatment plans are designed to relieve pain and restore motion and function.

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Our highly skilled physical therapists are experts at diagnosing and treating orthopedic and musculoskeletal issues. Evidence-based programs are designed for results.

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Sports Rehab

Our patients get back into action in the quickest and safest timeframe possible.  No matter your skill level or sport, we can help you reach your recovery goals and prevent further injury.

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Who are You? How Can we Help?

  • Pre/Post Surgical Patient

    Advances in minimally invasive surgery for musculoskeletal issues have improved greatly over the years leading to quicker and less painful...
  • Unsteady on Your Feet

    Having balance issues, dizziness, being unsteady on your feet or suffering the effects of a concussion can certainly cause anxiety and negatively...
  • Tendonitis & Bursitis

    Tennis elbow, golfers elbow, pitcher’s shoulder, jumper’s knee are common overuse conditions that we regularly treat at Progressive Physical...
  • Chronic Pain

    There is nothing more frustrating than chronic pain. While acute pain is difficult enough, we understand that chronic pain is a different problem...
  • Muscle Sprains & Strains

    Muscles, tendons, and ligaments are the most common soft tissue injuries we treat at Progressive Physical Therapy. They can occur after exercise,...
  • Student Athlete

    We understand that children and adolescents are not small adults, with bodies that are growing and not fully developed. We treat children as young...
  • Recreational Athlete

    If you are a recreational athlete, we say congratulations. We think it’s great that you are doing something you enjoy and are MOVING! Your needs...
  • High Performance Athlete

    We regularly treat and understand the mindset of high performance athletes, whether in high school or college, amateur or professional. As athletes...
  • Cancer Survivor

    Whether you are newly diagnosed with cancer, undergoing treatment, or are a survivor, we understand the effects your treatment, whether it be...
  • Lymphedema Patient

    If you are struggling with the effects of lymphedema, we are here to help. Kim Marshall, DPT, CLT, has been treating lymphedema patients for more...
  • Expecting or Post/Pregnancy

    Preparing for a new baby is an exciting time for any woman. As the baby grows, the physical changes of the body can take their toll and result in...
  • Golden Agers

    Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation recognizes the special and changing needs of golden agers.  We subscribe to the philosophy that...

Where Does It Hurt?

Three Convenient Orange County Locations

Garden Grove, Irvine and Costa Mesa

Click for Directions

Garden Grove/Orange

12665 Garden Grove Blvd.
Suite 603
Garden Grove, CA 92843


Progressive Physical Therapy Irvine best physical therapy near me


15771 Rockfield Blvd
Suite 150
Irvine, CA 92618.

Costa Mesa/Newport Beach

129 W. Wilson
Suite 202
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Why Choose Us?

  • Privately owned and operated by licensed physical therapists
  • Successfully providing outstanding patient care for more than 20 years
  • All physical therapists have advanced degrees and training
  • We listen to our patients.  Individualized treatment programs based on needs and goals
  • Most major PPOs accepted. Medicare, HealthNet HMO, Worker’s Comp & TRICare.

What Patients Say?

I have been dealing with lower back pain for years. I have been to numerous doctors and numerous physical therapists but nothing has ever worked for me long-term. That is until now. This physical therapy facility is different from any that I have visited in the past. I knew on my first visit that this was going to be different. I can’t thank Michael and Christian enough for changing my life.

Tiffany L

Three years ago I went to Kim to rehab my replacement knee and was extremely pleased. It was a great experience. Everyone is talkative and friendly, it makes the time go fast. I have been to other PT offices and they are too busy talking to each other, I felt ignored. This doesn’t happen at Progressive. I feel more confident talking to Kim about my other knee than my doctor.

Peggy S

Kim and her staff are outstanding and know exactly what they are doing. KIm has rehabbed me numerous times and saved me from having to quit my career because of injury. Kim is so knowledgeable in every aspect of physical therapy. I highly recommend progressive physical therapy!!!

Bart B

Michael is an expert at fixing SI joint issues. My orthopedic doctor referred me to him a few years back and he has been fixing me ever since that time. I am a runner and “overdoer” in my 50’s so Michael puts my SI joint back in place. He develops a therapy program to get the joint stable again which will hold it until I do something stupid again.

Cheryl C

I was lucky with my cancer treatment, in that I have few side effects from chemo and radiation, mainly some neuropathy in my feet and fluid in my lymphatic tissue. I was referred here by one of my oncologists, and I am so glad I came.

First off, they are really knowledgeable about potential side effects from treatment. They are looking out for side effects that my oncologists are not even checking. They are also working hard to try and help me out where I need it most, even if there is not a lot of good literature about what is most effective.

For me, a good provider – doctor, nurse, therapist – is knowledgeable, really cares about the patients, and takes the time to evaluate each case and is able to communicate at the level of the patient. These guys hit it in all cases.

Matt H

Michael and the rest of the staff in Costa Mesa are top drawer, the absolute best of the best. They have helped me regain my strength so I can now swim, hike, even lift heavy furniture. I am a very active 50+ YO and I have been to many physical therapists at “top” treatment centers over the decades, but it was always worthless. It never helped my back at all. Michael knows how to assess the problems, work on solutions, and develop a proper home program.

Adam S