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Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Welcomes Alan Phu, DPT To the Costa Mesa Clinic

Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is delighted to welcome Alan Phu, DPT, who is fluent in conversational Vietnamese to our clinical staff at the Costa Mesa Clinic.

“Alan brings a compassionate approach to patient care and experience that will undoubtedly enhance our commitment to excellence in rehabilitation services,” said owner Michael McKindley, DPT,

With an upward career trajectory, Alan has already gained valuable experience through his academic training and clinical rotations focusing on musculoskeletal issues, neurologic conditions, and sports injury rehabilitation. His dedication to helping patients achieve their goals aligns perfectly with our clinic’s values, making him an excellent addition to our team.

Having grown up in Fountain Valley, Alan’s journey to becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy was ignited during his high school years at Los Amigos High School, where he discovered his passion for healthcare through a sports medicine class. This initial spark led him to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at California State University, Long Beach, laying the foundation for his subsequent Doctorate of Physical Therapy from California State University of Fresno. During his academic tenure, Alan honed his skills in treating neurological disorders through

hands-on experience at the University’s Gait, Balance, and Mobility Clinic, solidifying his dedication to improving the lives of those in need.

Alan’s philosophy of personalized, one-on-one care aligns seamlessly with Progressive Physical Therapy’s commitment to individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

“I am thrilled to be joining the exceptional team at Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation,” Alan shares. “Building meaningful connections with my patients and guiding them through their rehabilitation journey is incredibly fulfilling to me. I am eager to contribute to the positive impact our clinic has on the lives of our patients.”

Beyond his professional endeavors, Alan maintains an active lifestyle, finding joy in activities such as weightlifting, travel, and exploring new culinary experiences. His passion for holistic well-being extends beyond the clinic walls, reflecting his dedication to fostering wellness in all aspects of life.

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