Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is dedicated to helping athletes rehab their injuries and get back to peak performance. Our aquatic sports rehab program is led by Rachel Rosolowski, DPT a highly experienced physical therapist who specializes in sports rehabilitation. Most importantly, she has had a long career participating in water sports, beginning at the age of five that includes artistic swimming (synchronized swimming), swimming and water polo. This unique background and knowledge of the demands of aquatic sports provides for a deep understanding of the specific needs of athletes in these disciplines. Regardless of sport, it is our goal to help athletes rehab their injuries and get back to the water stronger than ever.

Rachel Rosolowski, DPT, progressive physical therapy artistic swimming synchronized swimming aquatic sports injury rehab
Rachel Rosolowski, DPT, has been in the pool nearly all her life. Pictured here competing as an artistic swimmer.

Our Approach

Our approach is grounded in the fundamentals of injury management and rehabilitation. Our primary goal is to address the injury and work with the athlete to relieve pain, improve function, and prevent further injury. We believe that a simple, effective approach is often the best way to achieve long-term success.

We start with a comprehensive one-on-one hour-long evaluation that includes an in-depth health history, range of motion, strength, and body mechanics and pain assessment. We also take into account the personalized factors of each patient and our findings when developing a personalized rehab program.

Resting an Injury Doesn’t Mean Stopping Exercise

In almost all instances, an injury that requires rest doesn’t mean refraining from all activity or exercise. Rest can mean a modified version of your sport, some training guidelines, or cross training with different activities. One of the worst things an athlete can do is “play through it” and risk further damage. With a proper diagnosis and evaluation, our approach is to look at the whole body and not just the injured body part. Science shows that athletes lose strength quickly, within days to weeks when they stop training. Therefore it is important to take into account a variety of factors when rehabbing an injury. Using our extensive clinical expertise with youth athletes combined with the latest scientific evidence, our goal is to get the athlete back to sport in the quickest, healthiest and safest timeframe possible.

Common Aquatic Sports Injuries Treated

Shoulder Injuries:  Due to repetitive overhead movements, swimmers, water polo players, and artistic swimmers are at a higher risk of developing shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff tears, tendinitis, and impingement.

Knee Injuries: Knee injuries can occur due to the nature of the movements involved in these aquatic sports. Athletes are at risk of developing injuries such as patellar tendinitis, patellar dislocation and IT band syndrome.

Head and Neck Injuries: Diving and artistic swimming are sports that involves high-velocity impacts with the water, and athletes are at risk of developing head and neck injuries such as concussions, whiplash, and cervical spine fractures.

Low Back Pain: Athletes in aquatic sports can experience low back pain due to repetitive twisting, poor core regulation, and excessive and repetitive extension movements.

Hip Injuries: Swimmers and water polo players can develop hip impingement or muscle strains due to the repetitive kicking and hip flexion involved in these sports. Artistic swimmers can develop overstretch injuries or strains of the hip musculature.

Plantar Fasciitis: Divers and swimmers can develop plantar fasciitis due to the repeated push-off and landing on the feet during dives or turns. Artistic swimmers can develop plantar fasciitis due to repetitive pointing of their toes.

rachel rosolowski dpt aquatic sports swimming water polo artistic swimming injury rehab progressive physical therapy costa mesa

Experience the Progressive Physical Therapy Difference

At Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, we understand that every athlete’s injury and rehab needs are unique. Our personalized approach and comprehensive care make a difference in helping our patients get back to the sports they love. With a stellar reputation in sports rehab, Rachel and our team of experienced physical therapists are dedicated to not only rehabbing the injured area but also conditioning the entire body to return to sport safely and effectively. Our goal is to provide our patients with the tools they need to continue performing at their best and to prevent future injuries. Experience the Progressive PT difference and let us help you get back to your sport with confidence.

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