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Diabetes is an increasingly prevalent disease within the United States, with an estimate of 30.3 million people having diabetes as of 2015. That’s roughly 9.4% of the United States populationdiagnosed. Some diabetics require insulin injections to regulate their blood sugar. The insulin is injected into select locations of the body where the fatty tissue is ideal for the absorption of insulin. For the insulin-dependent diabetic, injections are a part of daily life, but regular injections into the same location can come with side effects.

Repeated injection of insulin into the same area can lead to soft tissue damage – lumps and hardened tissue inhibiting proper insulin absorption and even preventing injection into that area. Delayed or erratic insulin absorption can lead to problems from blood glucose levels varying between successful injections.

Benefits of Astym

Improvement of the injection site can have additional benefits for some patients. “What Astym therapy can do is help the body resorb that scar tissue. It has a way of revitalizing that site and making it so insulin can be better absorbed.” Astym therapy treats the underlying problem by stimulating the body to regenerate and remodel soft tissues.

  • The Astym process stimulates the body to regenerate and remodel tissues.
  • Astym treatment is safe and effective.
  • Astym therapy is one of the most researched physical therapy treatments available.
  • Short treatment course: A typical course of treatment lasts only four to six weeks (8-10 visits).
  • Patients get to stay active: Treatment is able to resolve their condition without restricting movement. Patients are still able to participate in work, sports, and the activities that they love.

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