Prehabilitation can help reduce effects of cancer treatment including fatigue 

The American Physical Therapy Association’s magazine “In Motion,” has a great article this month about the increasing research that demonstrates the benefits of Prehabilitation before cancer treatment. We know that orthopedic patients, when possible, who take advantage of Prehabilitation  for strength, conditioning, and cardiovacsular function, prior to surgery generally have a quicker, less painful recovery.

Cancer patients who are physically fit and very active, tend to have reduced effects from the treatment of cancer whether it is chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, if they continue modified activity levels during this time period.  We know that fatigue is the No. 1 complain of cancer patients. We know we can help mitigate it with increased activity.  The same principals are now being applied to cancer patients prior to treatment.

We know this is a difficult time.  We are here to help.

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