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The SI Joint may cause up to 25% of low back pain and is often missed. Our checklist can help you determine if this may be the cause of your low back, hip and/or groin pain.

Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation specializes in the treatment of SI Joint Dysfunction and treats over 100 patients each year with this condition. Many of our patients often go years many years in pain and frustration unable to receive a proper diagnosis, failing physical therapy and other treatment programs.

Whether you live nearby or far away, we hope this information will help you to better understand your condition and provide you with education to help you find the appropriate health care professional to provide care.

What is the SI Joint? 

SI Joint Pain Progressive PT and Rehab costa mesa newport beach huntington beach irvine lake forest laguna hills orange garden grove fountain valley orange county

The sacroiliac, or SI joint, connects the sacrum (the triangular bone at the bottom of the spine) to the iliac bones—the curving bones on either side of your pelvis. The pelvis looks a bit like a catcher’s mitt, and the SI joints serve a similar role: absorbing shock, bearing weight, and stabilizing the entire body. As the body moves through space and absorbs impact, the SI joints help “catch” and distribute the weight and stress. Unlike most joints, the SI joint isn’t meant to move a lot. But if an injury or other condition loosens the joint, it can become inflamed and cause pain in the lower back and down into your legs.

“Our SI Joint Dysfunction rehabilitation program has been developed over 20 years,” McKindley added. ”It combines evidence-based training with our clinical experience and expertise. Many of our patients come to us after having failed physical therapy elsewhere or having been misdiagnosed. Often our patients are able to experience immediate relief.  We have a wide array of tools, tips, and even a few tricks at our disposal to customize a program based on each individual’s health, condition, needs, and goals. We are proud of our reputation throughout Orange County for our successful diagnosis and treatment of these patients.”

Check List to See if an SI Joint Dysfunction is Causing Your Unexplained Pain

Did Your Pain Begin After?

Do You Feel Aching or Radiating Pain That Doesn’t Go Away in the?

  • Low Back

  • Hip

  • Groin

  • Buttock

  • Leg

Do You Experience Pain When You?

  • Sit for Long Periods of Time

  • Cross Your Legs when Sitting

  • Walk Up Hills or Stairs

  • Drive or Ride in the Car

  • Turn Over in Bed or Lay on One Side. Feeling like a pulled muscle that doesn’t go away.

Easy Home Test to Check for SI Joint Dysfunction

Learn More about SI Joint Dysfunction

How Physical Therapy Can Help

  • Joint Mobilization to Anatomical Neutral Positioning

  • Soft Tissue Mobilization to Improve Muscle Function

  • Joint Specific Stretching Program

  • Core Strengthening and Functional Fitness

  • Education and Injury Precaution Instructions

  • Self Management Tips & Tricks


If you are in the Orange County area, we are pleased to offer a FREE 15-minute SI pain screen in our Irvine/Lake Forest Clinic. Feel free to call the office at 949.750.8499 to schedule a convenient time to come in our use the link below and a team member will reach out to you shortly. Should you wish to explore a rehab program both the Irvine and Costa Mesa locations would be available for personalized treatment programs.

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