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September is #PainAwareness Month

At Progressive PT and Rehabilitation, every day is pain awareness day for us and our patients. If you have failed PT elsewhere we invite you to give us a try and experience the Progressive PT difference.

Have you exhausted all your conventional treatment options including?

  • Medications
  • Injections
  • Failed Surgery
  • Non Surgical Candidate
  • Having a Health Care Practitioner Not Believing You

Let Us Try: We Succeed Where Other Fail 

  • Comprehensive evaluation & review of medical records lasting one hour. If need be, we are happy to consult with your referring physician.
  • Medical Detective:  We won’t stop until we identify the source of the problem. It may present as one thing yet actually be something else.
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  • We really listen to the patient and don’t discount your pain.
  • Continuing education expands our knowledge base, tools, and techniques available to help. We combine experience with evidence.
  • Re-evaluation and adjustment of treatments every session.
  • A proven track record of success in reducing pain and improving motion and function for many patients who have previously been unable to sustain long-term relief of symptoms.

Our clinical experience, over the years, has led to successful patient outcomes by blending a variety of evidenced-based treatments with clinical experience into a progressive rehabilitation program to relieve pain & restore function.

Get Out of Pain Quicker with Direct Access

California insurance plans allow most patients to access physical therapy directly without a referral from a physician. This saves time and speeds up healing.  To learn more how this benefits our patients check out the video from Michael McKindley as he explains how it works and why it’s important for your recovery.

We are Here to Help Get You Started to Better Health.
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