New Study Shows Spine at Risk in Children 

With the rise of video games and computer usage among children and teens, parents continually struggle to get the kids out to play. Now, two surgeons have published a research study in the Dutch journal Medisch Contact, that documents the spinal problems, in children, that can result directly from bad posture over a prolonged period of time when using these devices. It is important for parents to be aware that real medical problems can arise. Now,they have more ammunition to help them.

Dr. Michael McKindley, in our Costa Mesa office of Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation comments on this study and reminds parents about the proper use of backpacks as the new school year approaches.

Children and young adults should not feel any neck or back pain 

“Kids and young adults should not be feeling neck or low back pain from sitting under most circumstances,” said McKindley. “‘Gameboy Back’” is not just a poor posture problem it is a lifestyle problem. When kids sit for long periods of time playing games, watching TV or even reading the spine begins to weaken in bone density and muscle strength. The longer they spent bent forward the more the soft tissue adapts to that position. Unless they get up frequently and stand tall, stretch on do some type of exercise, (even walking around) the muscle tissue will weaken and stiffen and bone mass will become less dense or strong.

“Please remember, if your kid puts on their school back pack and they have to lean forward and round their spine to support the weight it is too much. Ask the school for a second set of books, one for school and one set for home. Reducing the back pack weight can eliminate most complaints of fatigue and muscle ache in the neck and lumbar/spine of school age children.”

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