Tennis elbow, golfers elbow, pitcher’s shoulder, jumper’s knee are common overuse conditions that we regularly treat at Progressive Physical Therapy. You don’t have to be an athlete to get them. Repetitive chores such as gardening, vacuuming, or painting at your house or workers engaging in repetitive motions, awkward positions, frequent overhead reaching, and forceful exertion are also susceptible. For example repetitive and forceful typing combined with the continuous lifting of grocery bags can lead to tennis elbow.

Overuse, improper form, and aging can lead to pain

Tendonitis and bursitis can also affect the wrist, hip, or ankle. Generally associated with aging, it’s not just athletes that suffer. When the pain and inflammation cannot adequately be reduced with R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) then physical therapy can help.

For athletes, sometimes the problem results from over-training or improperly fitted equipment. For others, the problem may stem from improper form, poor overall fitness, or a lack of strength in the supporting muscles.

Retraining muscles can help prevent future injuries

For injuries that stem from work related situations we can help you retrain your muscles so that you use them properly.  These simple techniques can lessen the stress to the injured muscles and help you return to your normal activities while avoiding re-injury.

After a comprehensive evaluation that includes your lifestyle and work situation.  We will develop an exercise plan that will help you regain strength, flexibility, power and endurance.

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Where Does it Hurt? We Can Help!


The shoulder is not a very stable type of joint and tends to be easily injured. Pain can arise from problems with instability or impingement of the soft tissue or bony structure. Injuries can occur while performing manual labor, playing sports, or very often by repetitive movements.

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Hip and Groin

The hip is a ball and socket joint designed to withstand repeated motion, but can become damanged due to overuse or injury. A groin strain is an overstretch or tearing injury to the muscles of the inner thigh or front of the hip

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Knee pain can restrict movement, affect muscle control in the sore leg, and reduce the strength and endurance of the muscles that support the knee. The most common disease affecting the knee is osteoarthritis.

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The feet and ankles work together to provide support and mobility to the body. With proper detection, intervention, and care, most foot and ankle problems can be lessened or prevented. Calf injuries usually occur as a result of a sudden pushing off movement or from excessive over-stretching.

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Pain in the hand, wrist, elbow or fingers is generally caused by repetitive motions, overuse, or an underlying condition like arthritis or tendonitis. It is a very common complaint. Injuries can also occur during accidents or activities.

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Many children and adults suffer from chronic jaw and facial pain. Jaw pain can happen all of a sudden, or it can start off mild and become more intense over time. Identifying the underlying issue is the first step in treating this condition.

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