JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon was just diagnosed with throat cancer. Without knowing specifics, it is quite possible, like Michael Douglas, his cancer is related to the HPV virus.

This disease is becoming more common and according to a article, Dr Eric Genden, chief of head and neck oncology at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York believes it is not usual that this could be the cause and said, “This is an epidemic.”

“We certainly wish Jamie Dimon well in his treatment,” said Kim Marshall, DPT, CLT. in our Orange office. “It is important to use this opportunity to help educate anyone with head and neck cancer or any cancer for that matter, that undergoes surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy that that there is help for side effects, which may include, fatigue, pain, range of motion issues and swelling that is associated with lymphedema.”

“The good news is that oncology rehabilitation programs and physical therapy can often, reduce these symptoms, improve a patient’s quality and life and help them lead a more active life during and after their recovery. Like heart or stroke patients who automatically receive specialized physical therapy care, cancer patients now have specific therapies to address their individualized needs. We encourage anyone who is newly diagnosed to consult with a health professional that is trained in oncology rehabilitation to make physical therapy and exercise part of their recovery process.”

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