Your Mother was Right…Posture Does Matter

Good posture leads to better health. It starts with proper alignment whether you are standing, sitting, exercising, using a mobile phone, and yes even sleeping.. Over the years, many of us have picked up some bad habits leading to neck and back pain.

No one has perfect posture, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to improve. Check out these 5 Tips to you reduce the chance of injury, feel better, and improve pain.

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Meet Stanley Fung, DPT

Stanley, who hails from Southern California, received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of California, San Francisco and his Bachelor of Arts in Human Development at the University of California, San Diego.

He utilizes evidence-based treatment and manual therapy techniques to help patients achieve optimal movement and recovery.

Learn more about this former swim instructor and  lifeguard who says he likes to treat his patients as family.

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Warm-up Your Shoulders Before Strength Training

If you are looking to increase shoulder strength through weight lifting it is important to warm up your shoulders, rotator cuffs, and chest to prevent injury.

Alison Nguyen, DPT, in our Garden Grove office offers three simple exercises to help you prevent injury and maximize your workout effort.

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Rehabbing a Hamstring Injury

A hamstring strain can be one of those stubborn injuries that far too often become recurring injuries or a more chronic strain. Their high rate of recurrence is usually due to a lack of careful rehabilitation and training following the injury. If you are experiencing chronic hamstring strains, there is a specific and well-understood way to begin to exercise the injured body part and progress back to full athletic participation.

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Lymphedema, Edema & Lipedema – There is Help

Kim Marshall, DPT, CLT, is well known and highly regarded in the lymphedema community for her personalized care and treatment plans that get results.

It’s not just cancer patients that suffer from arm or leg swelling. Vascular issues can cause edema and lipedema, which is an excess accumulation of fat, can both generally be treated through advanced lymphedema protocols.

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