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Garden Grove Office

Kim Marshall, DPT, CLT (Co-Owner)
Kim Marshall, DPT, CLT (Co-Owner)


  • Lymphedema
  • Oncology Rehabilitation
  • Venous Insufficiency
  • Edema/Wound Care

Kim received her doctorate of physical therapy from Western University and her physical therapy degree from California State University, Long Beach in 1985. She obtained her Masters degree in Biokinesiology from the University of Southern California in 1996.

She has specialized in the treatment of orthopedic injuries for the past 20 years. Recently, Kim has directed her continuing education towards rehabilitation of the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment. Kim developed this interest after her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer and, as a result of the surgery and subsequent treatment, her grandmother lost her shoulder mobility and developed lymphedema. In addition to becoming certified in the treatment of lymphedema, Kim completed the STAR training to address and treat other side effects of cancer including unspecified pain, neuropathy and fatigue. Kim co-founded Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation with Michael McKindley in October of 2004.

Merryl Chewning, Office Manager
Merryl Chewning, Office Manager
Alison Nguyen, DPT
Alison Nguyen, DPT


  • Spine & Ortho Rehabilitation
  • Injury Prevention & Sports Rehab
  • Exercise Management for Chronic Illness

Alison was born and raised in Los Angeles and now calls Garden Grove his home. He is an honors graduate from the University of St. Augustine where he obtained his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry from UC Santa Barbara,

where he was a teaching assistant and led student lectures on Human and Exercise Physiology. He then went out to obtain a Masters of Science degree in exercise physiology from San Diego State University where he graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Alison became interested in the medical field after designing his own healthcare plan to lose over 100 pounds. By trial and error and a few injuries he was able to obtain his goal of better health, It was that pursuit and interest in the science of medicine that led to his foray into exercise physiology that provided the spark to pursue a physical therapy career. Motivated to help others obtain better physical health, Alison has a unique insight into overcoming obstacles to achieve those goals, whether it is rehabbing from an injury or a surgical procedure, or simply using exercise to improve the health of those suffering from chronic or complex conditions. 

Alison is fluent in Vietnamese.

In addition, Alison has a special interest in sports rehabilitation and conditioning and has worked with several local youth sports teams. He has received advanced training in myofascial manipulation and is currently pursuing a Strength and Conditioning certification. Using evidence-based science combined with his clinical experience, Alison is committed to designing customized programs to achieve results.

In his free time, he likes to power lift, ride his bicycle up/down the coast, play spike ball, and pretty much participate in anything active in order to offset his voracious appetite. He loves to eat-KBBQ, Shabu, pizza, cheese, and his favorite type of dessert is ice cream. 

Garden Grove Office

Garden Grove Contact Info

12665 Garden Grove Blvd.
Suite 603
Garden Grove, CA 92843

Phone: 714.643.9012

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    Costa Mesa Office

    Michael McKindley, DPT (co-owner)
    Michael McKindley, DPT (co-owner)


    • Spine, Sports & Orthopedics
    • Balance, Vestibular & Concussion  Diagnostics & Rehabilitation
    • Parkinson’s Disease
    • Sports Performance & Injury Prevention

    Michael received his physical therapy degree in 1999 from California State University, Long Beach and his doctorate in 2011 from EIM, Kentucky. Throughout his career Michael has continued to learn and integrate the most advanced and evidenced-based manual and exercise techniques available from around the world.

    In 2003, he completed a series of McKenzie courses which is a form of treatment designed to help resolve herniated disc symptoms without surgery. In 2007, he completed the most extensive vestibular training course available, giving him the skills to evaluate and treat vertigo, dizziness, lightheadedness and balance issues. In 2008, he was the first clinician in California to be certified in LVST BIG to treat Parkinson’s disease patients. When the LVST BIG techniques are combined with his balance and orthopedic training, Parkinson’s patients receive the most extensive combination of treatments available anywhere. In 2010, Michael was certified in ASTYM, making him one of the first therapists to bring it to Orange County. ASTYM is the most advanced soft tissue and scar technique available, revolutionizing the way patients are treated today. He has extensive experience in manual therapy techniques, post-surgical rehabilitation, sports conditioning and strength training, ergonomic and posture instruction, industrial rehabilitation and vestibular rehabilitation. Michael co-founded Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation with Kimberly Marshall in October of 2004. He is also the founder of Advanced Performance Training, a series of sport specific programs to increase speed, agility and prevent injuries. When not working, he is spending time with his wife and two kids. He plays soccer, loves to ski, mountain bikes and does triathlon training.

    Michelle Kim, DPT
    Michelle Kim, DPT


    • Vestibular & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
    • Sports & Ortho Rehab
    • Balance, Gait & Posture

    Michelle Kim, a Southern California native, received her doctorate of physical therapy from Chapman University and a Bachelor of Science Degree from U.C.L.A. Hailing from a family of healthcare providers, Michelle always knew she would follow in that tradition.

    During her undergraduate years, she utilized her volunteering duties at the hospital to explore the various fields and approaches to patient care to help guide her career path. What struck her the most was the ability of a physical therapist and the rehabilitation process to tangibly help patients improve their quality of life. This realization led her to pursue a career in physical therapy where she could have a direct and meaningful relationship with her patients.

    One of the aspects of her physical therapy training that most intrigued Michelle was neurological and vestibular rehabilitation. She says she likes the problem-solving aspect and how seemingly simple interventions can make a world of a difference in a patient’s daily life. Toward that end, she has received advanced training, earning a vestibular and concussion management certification from the prestigious American Institute of Balance.

    Key to her success is using those problem-solving skills that include listening to patients to help understand and identify the cause of the issue, in order to develop a rehabilitation program that will help each individual achieve their desired goals whether it be from a sports-related injury, an orthopedic issue or surgery, or a more complex neurological condition.

    When Michelle is not at work, she is very involved in her church and enjoys hiking, going to the beach, watching baseball, eating good food, and watching movies.

    Costa Mesa Office

    Costa Mesa/Newport Beach Contact Info

    129 W. Wilson Str. #202
    Costa Mesa, CA 92627

    Phone: 949.631.0125

    Fax: 949.631.0127


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    Rachel Rosolowski, DPT
    Rachel Rosolowski, DPT


    • Ortho & Sports Injuries
    • Aquatic Sports & Artistic Swimming
    • Artistic Sports Performance Injury Rehab
    • Movement, Body Mechanics & Joint Hypermobility

    Rachel, who grew up in Redondo Beach grew up the world of aquatic sports participating in both water polo and synchronized swimming competitively from a young age through college  She received her Doctorate in Physical Education from California State University Long Beach.

    She was inspired to become a physical therapist during her own rehabilitation program following a shoulder injury in high school.

    “I had a typical shoulder injury in high school from the repetitive movements of synchronized swimming and water polo,” Rachel said.  “Most, if not all, the PTs did not know about synchronized swimming and all it entailed. I was, however, fortunate to find an amazing therapist who really took the time to learn about my sport. This really inspired me.  Additionally, being inspired by the healing process plus loving anatomy and physiology really piqued my interest.”

    Rachel is delighted with the opportunity to join the Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation team. She says they offer the same type of care she received in high school, where they listen to the patient and take the time to work through all the issues, creating personalized plans to reduce pain and improve movement and function.

    “I really enjoy connecting with the patients and integrating their interests into their program,” Rachel added. “I like making PT meaningful to a patient even if I have to learn about something new.”

    Rachel left California to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in rehabilitative science with a minor in theatre and psychology at the University of the Incarnate Word in Texas. At Cal State Long Beach she was a research assistant where she worked on a feasibility pilot study for mHealth exercise intervention to improve cardiometabolic health, quality of life and social support.

    Outside of work, Rachel continues to stay involved in the performance arts and aquatic sports community as both an artistic swim coach and fitness coach, stage manager, performer with Aqualillies.

    Alan Phu, DPT
    Alan Phu, DPT


    • Sports Injury Rehabilitation
    • Geriatric Neurological Rehab
    • Movement & Body Mechanics
    • Balance, Gait & Posture Training

    Alan, who grew up in Fountain Valley, speaks conversational Vietnamese and has a compassionate approach to patient care. His journey to becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy was ignited during his high school years at Los Amigos High School where he discovered his passion for healthcare through a sports medicine class.

    This initial spark led him to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at California State University, Long Beach, laying the foundation for his subsequent Doctorate of Physical Therapy from California State University of Fresno. During his academic tenure, Alan honed his skills in treating neurological disorders through hands-on experience at the University’s Gait, Balance, and Mobility Clinic, solidifying his dedication to improving the lives of those in need.

    Alan’s philosophy of personalized, one-on-one care aligns seamlessly with Progressive Physical Therapy’s commitment to individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

    Beyond his professional endeavors, Alan maintains an active lifestyle, finding joy in activities such as weightlifting, travel, and exploring new culinary experiences. His passion for holistic well-being extends beyond the clinic walls, reflecting his dedication to fostering wellness in all aspects of life.

    Irvine Office

    Ann Ludolph, MPT, OCS
    Ann Ludolph, MPT, OCS


    • Ortho & Neuro Rehab
    • Vestibular Disorders & Concussion
    • Hypermobility & EDS
    • Musculoskeletal Pain
    • Balance, Gait & Posture

    Ann, a southern California native, became interested in physical therapy following a soccer injury that landed her in the athletic training room in high school. She worked alongside the athletic trainers, performing taping techniques and exercises for a variety of athletes and injuries,

    which sparked the love and passion of helping others recover from injuries and have positive influence in improving quality of life. In 2010, she graduated Cum Laude from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology, Exercises Science. She continued on at CSULB, receiving her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy in 2013. Furthering her education and skills in the treatment of neuromuscular issues, she completed an advanced concussion management course at the prestigious Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Chicago. Ann has experience with coaching soccer which has assisted her in communicating with clients and improving movement patterns to reduce stress to painful joints. Ann enjoys playing soccer, rock climbing, hiking, traveling and eating.

    Anna Reiser, DPT
    Anna Reiser, DPT


    • Dance Injury Prevention & Rehab
    • Sports Injuries & Orthopedics
    • Movement Disorders
    • SI Joint Dysfunction
    • Joint Hypermobility/EDS

    A native of South Orange County and lifelong dancer, Anna earned a double major at UCI with a BS in biologic science and a BFA in dance performance combining her passions for biology and dance. She completed her doctorate of physical therapy at the nationally ranked University of Northern Arizona.

    While at NAU, Anna studied the connections between connective tissue disorders, hypermobility syndromes, and dance injuries for her capstone project, sparking an ongoing interest that she has carried into her current practice.

    Anna attended Aliso Niguel High School and danced at the Maple Conservatory in Irvine. She continued her training and performing in the dance department at UC Irvine. For her senior thesis at she choreographed an original dance concert inspired by a class she took in neurobiology of learning and memory.

    In her freshman year of high school, she developed an interest in biology and wanted to find a career to combine that with her love of dance. UCI, which has a highly regarded dance program, offered her that opportunity with a double major. She has always been fascinated by the movement of the human body and began learning more about physical therapy as an aide during college. After graduation, she knew for sure I wanted to be a PT to help people decrease their pain, learn more about their bodies, and return to doing the things they love.

    She says her favorite discipline is ballet, but she has also been trained in modern, contemporary, jazz, tap, and musical theatre. A highlight of her training was attending the Radio City Rockettes summer intensive program in New York City. She continues to take dance classes when able. During her time in Flagstaff, obtaining her DPT she was able to teach dance classes and hopes to continue that effort with lectures and instructions on dance injury prevention and rehabilitation.

    In addition to dance, Anna will provide treatments for orthopedic and sports injury rehab, chronic pain, SI joint dysfunction along with neurological rehab for movement disorders. With a teamwork approach to her patients, she feels it’s important to understand their goals in the rehab process and designing personalized treatment plans.

    “I believe in listening to a patient’s story and treating them as a whole person, not just their impairment,” she said. “I see the patient and therapist as a team, working together to identify the problems and then finding creative solutions. It’s important for the patients to feel better and understand their pain and how they can take an active role in their recovery.”

    Irvine Office

    Irvine/Lake Forest Contact Info

    15771 Rockfield Blvd.
    Suite 150
    Irvine, CA. 92618

    Phone: 949.750.8499

    Fax: 949.446.6294


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