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Check Out Our PT’s Insight: Mid-Back Pain Explained! 

Have you ever experienced mid-back pain that just won’t quit, often hiding under your shoulder blade?

You’re not alone! Michael McKindley, DPT in our Costa Mesa clinic has a great video explaining this often-overlooked condition.

Here’s the information you need to shed light  on what might be causing this elusive discomfort:

Location, Location, Location: It’s typically found an inch or two away from your spine, and it’s the sneaky culprit behind that shoulder blade ache. Patients often liken it to having a stubborn “knot” in their back muscles, almost like a golf ball. Pressing on it? Painful!

Trigger-Happy: Coughing, sneezing, or even pulling can set it off. It could be a rib subluxation – when a rib partially pops out of place. If you suffer from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) or joint hypermobility you may be more susceptible to this condition.

Bullseye Pain: Some describe it as a sharp, quarter-sized pain under the shoulder blade or mid-back.

Awkward Sleep Positions: Sometimes, sleeping in a funny way can trigger this pain too.

Symptom Spectrum: Rib subluxations can range from a mild, dull, achy pain to an intense, stabbing sensation, especially when you take deep breaths, cough, sneeze, or have a good laugh. It can happen seemingly out of nowhere or following an injury.

Posture Matters: Don’t forget, postural stresses can play a role or even be the cause of these discomforts!

Don’t ignore that persistent mid-back pain that is often overlooked by health care providers. 🩺 Our expert physical therapists can often work wonders in diagnosing and treating these issues!

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