Because Exercise Often is the Best Medicine


Has your doctor told you that you need to exercise more?  Do you  respond with “I know, I know, I’ve been meaning to start.” Then walk out of the office with no idea where or how to start?

It’s time to start thinking about exercise like we do medication.  Pills are prescribed to be taken in specific dosages, frequency and timing to effectively impact a medical condition and the same thing holds true for exercise. In fact, having a customized program designed specifically for you and your physical condition can help you achieve better health and functional goals. As physical therapists, with advanced training, we understand the underlying chronic conditions that the majority of patients are dealing with.  We can educate you and create an exercise program that is safe, structured, and designed for success. Give us a try. It couldn’t hurt and it certainly could help.

How Physical Therapy can Help
Generally 4-6 Visits Gets You Started and Includes:

  • Comprehensive Health Evaluation with Physician Follow Up Report
  • Education on Vital Sign Monitoring
  • Address any Orthopedic Issue that Impedes Exercise
  • Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Aerobic Program
  • Education on Proper Form
  • Customized Home Exercise Program
  • Measurable Goals & Milestones for Accountability
  • If Needed or Requested Monthly Follow Ups


We are Here to Help Get You Started to Better Health.
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