Train or rehab an injury like the pros with our Skier’s Edge ski simulator

If you are a skier looking for better conditioning before hitting the slopes, or rehabbing from an injury…look no further than our Costa Mesa clinic.  Our expert physical therapists, specializing in sports performance, injury prevention, and sports rehabilitation, combined with the Skier’s Edge ski simulator are the perfect combination to meet the unique needs of the skier, that are unavailable at any gym or fitness center.

Benefits of our Skier’s Edge Program

  • Our highly skilled physician therapists can diagnosis weakness and joint restrictions that allows us to help you maximize your skiing abilities
  • Mimics skiing like no other piece of equipment at a gym
  • Improve form, endurance, core and lower body strength required for skiing

About Skier’s Edge

The Skier’s Edge was designed as a non-impact lateral conditioning machine. After years of playing football and numerous knee surgeries, doctors told the creator and inventor of the Skier’s Edge he should no longer run to stay in shape. He looked for a way to safely strengthen his knees, get a great aerobic workout, and be in top condition to ski each season pain free.

After searching in vain for the right equipment and exercises, he developed the Skier’s Edge. Upon showing the unit to doctors and physical therapists, he was encouraged to introduce it to the public. Initially supplying only the U.S. Ski Team, the Skier’s Edge Company has since become the exclusive official supplier to the world’s best ski teams.

The Skier’s Edge helps aspiring novice and intermediate skiers become advanced/expert skiers who dominate the entire mountain in all snow conditions. In fact, many athletes who train on a Skier’s Edge have proven to be quite extraordinary winning numerous awards, titles, championships and Olympic Gold Medals. This is the perfect training tool for every ability and all ages.

The quality is exceptional with an unmatched track record. This machine is used by World Cup racers, Olympians, pro-athletes and can be found in training rooms worldwide. The Skier’s Edge is also used for training and conditioning throughout the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, at major universities.

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Injury Rehabilitation

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