Concussions in children can be a scary thing for parents especially if there are symptoms of dizziness, neck pain or imbalance. Loss of consciousness and/or vomiting requires immediate medical attention. It is also wise to seek medical treatment if there is noticeable loss of neurological abilities that may present as an inability to focus, loss of words or slowed speech and the inability to perform small manual tasks like tying their shoes or putting.

Rehabilitation for concussions can not be rushed 

It is important for parents to know that concussions can also occur without a blow to the head.  For instance, if a child’s head is pushed into the ground.

Treating concussions is a process and each patient progresses at their own pace. It is something that can not be rushed.  When a doctor prescribes rest for the brain that generally means no stimulation such as TV, video games, reading, or music. This can be frustrating for both you and your child but is an important step in their recovery.

At Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, we have a long-standing tradition of treating children and adults with concussions. Because of our advanced training with vestibular and balance issues, we are uniquely qualified to provide a high standard of care.

In addition to care and treatment for concussions, we also offer baseline screening for athletes that provides an objective measurement of cognitive function including attention, visual memory, reaction time and more. Should the unthinkable happen, this study will provide a guide to help determine when an athlete has fully recovered from the head injury and is able to return to sport.

We work closely with many of the area’s sports medicine specialists, neurologists, and physicians.  Although most know us, some may not.  If you would like to receive a referral to our office and your doctor is not aware of our office, we are more than happy to have a conversation with him/her to discuss our capabilities.

Three areas of focus: Ocular, Vestibular and Balance 

Physical therapy for concussions involves three areas of treatment ocular, vestibular and balance. Ocular issues are difficulty reading, light sensitivity and inability to follow moving objects without getting a headache or nausea. Vestibular issues involve the inner ear that affects balance, causes vertigo and abnormal eye movements.

Once we fully evaluate our patients we are able to customize a treatment plan.  If needed, we are more than happy to consult with your physician on this treatment plan.

To determine when your child is ready to return to sport, many physicians will perform an ImPACT test. Research has shown ImPACT testing alone is only 1/3 affective in helping to determine neurological ability to return to sport.

Balance testing or BESS is testing of the physical ability and is only 1/3 effective. Combined, research has shown they are nearly 90% effective in determining when your child is ready to return to sport. Using these two diagnostic tools, we feel confident clearing your child to return to sport.

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