Specialized physical therapy treatment for Parkinson’s Disease patients will now be offered by licensed physical therapist Adam Nadler, MPT, in the Orange/Tustin office of Progressive Physical Therapy, it was announced today by Kim Marshall, DPT, co-owner of the practice.

A graduate of California State University Long Beach with a master’s degree in physical therapy, Nadler is now treating patients after receiving an LSVT BIG therapy certification that specifically addresses the unique needs and challenges of this neurological condition.

Comprehensive physical therapy program also address orthopedic issues

“I look forward to offering expanded care for these patients,” Nadler said. “Early intervention is the key. One of the characteristics of this disease is that patients use smaller movements, such as shuffling feet when walking. Our goal is to teach them to amplify these movements and ultimately carry over into every day activities. This hopefully will allow for more functional independence and better quality of life.”

The Parkinson’s Disease program also incorporates traditional physical therapy evaluations and treatment. A Parkinson’s diagnosis is challenging enough. That is why Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation goes Beyond BIG to ensure any other physical condition that may be causing problems with movement is addressed. Whether it’s the normal effects of an aging body, a joint replacement surgery or a nagging injury, we will enhance our treatment plan to include appropriate exercises, stretches, balance, and flexibility training ensuring the best quality of life possible for the patients.

Early intervention is key

The latest Parkinson’s disease therapy research shows the benefits of beginning an exercise program as soon as possible. Recent studies support the benefits of quickly seeking education and therapy options, including physical therapy, even when patients see little physical change because of medication. Early adoption of lifestyle changes and physical therapy for Parkinson’s disease can have the most beneficial impact on quality of life rather than waiting until loss of function becomes pronounced.

Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease patients is also offered in the Costa Mesa/Newport Beach office.

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