An interesting article from Harvard Health Publications discusses how physical therapy, weight loss and muscle strengthening can some times help patients avoid joint replacement.  Even if you aren’t able to avoid surgery, at a minimum you will have strengthened the muscles around the hip or knee joint. This will greatly aid in the rehabilitation and recovery process. In fact, any patient who knows they will undergo surgery on their knee, hip, shoulder or back should consult with their surgeon and/or physical therapist about “Pre-Hab” prior their procedure.

Customized programs to increase muscle strength are key

Customized programs are designed based on conditioning. Stretching and strengthening focuses on the quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteal muscles. All exercises are designed to be done at home, as they should become part of a daily routine. Results can often be seen in four to six weeks.

For aging baby boomers in particular, the research is showing the importance of muscle strength to overall health and quality of life, especially as it relates to fall prevention. Sedentary lifestyles can lead to serious health issues.

In addition, our Functional Fitness program is ideal for these conditions. This program is structured to individual capabilities and desired daily activity level in order to relieve pain and restore motion and function.

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