Benefits of exercise extend to Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients

Another study showing the positive benefits of exercise, this time as it relates to Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. This is very important research because as yet, there is no medication that has had a significant impact on this terrible disease.

As we are learning with this study, and others ones that are released almost weekly, the evidence is becoming more clear that an appropriate exercise program is vitally important for health and longevity. In fact, sitting all day at work, then coming home to sit at the dinner table, then sitting on the couch to watch TV is literally killing Americans.

Regardless of age, it’s never too late to start exercising 

Regardless of your age, if you currently don’t have a regular exercise routine, it is time to start. For anyone with a serious medical condition, it is always important to get the advice of your physician before beginning any exercise program. As licensed physical therapists at Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, we are here to help. We offer thorough evaluations that include a review of medical history, medications, pain, injuries and surgeries, along with risk assessment of falling for anyone over the age of 65. With a solid knowledge of your overall health and goals, we can help create a customized program designed for maximum benefit and enjoyment. Because, as we have learned over the years, the key to a successful exercise program is to do something that you like and will maintain.

Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation offers personalized pediatric treatment programs for children, adolescents, and young adults. Our highly skilled physical therapists at Progressive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation are here to help.

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