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An inspiring story for patients with Parkinson’s Disease in Orange County Calif that shows with hard work an injury and limitations from the disease is no reason to keep this surfer from hanging 10 in the Pacific Ocean. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Ann Ludolph, MPT, OCS helps this avid surfer, biker, and swimmer rehab from a femur fracture and learn new exercises and strategies to keep him moving and get him back to the activities he loves. Plus this patient shares an important message to others with neuromuscular disorders about the importance of movement and exercise simply stating that “Exercise is Medicine.”

Progressive Physical Therapy prides itself on customizing rehabilitation programs for each and every patient to help them achieve their goals whether they are a student-athlete, a weekend warrior, or an aging senior. Treating Parkinson’s Disease patients is no different because our goal is always to help our patients live their best life possible and keep them moving to enjoy life to the fullest.

We base our Parkinson’s Disease treatment on the LSVT BIG program, but also incorporate traditional physical therapy modalities and treatments. We combine evidence-based science with our extensive clinical experience, plus a few tricks in our tool bag, to ensure our patients get the best possible care. A Parkinson’s diagnosis is challenging enough.  That is why we go beyond BIG to ensure we address any other issue that may be causing problems with movement.  Whether it’s the normal effects of an aging body, a joint replacement surgery, or a nagging injury, we will enhance our treatment plan to include appropriate exercises, stretches, balance, and flexibility training to ensure the best quality of life possible for our patients.

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