Head & Neurological Conditions: We understand that neurological conditions and diseases can be very scary and frustrating.  Depending on the nature of the problem, recovery can be from days to months or even require a lifetime of management.  Our physical therapists have taken advanced training and certification programs to help our patients with a wide-array of neurological-based conditions and movement disorders

We have extensive experience in this field with proven results of helping to resolve issues and improve motion and function for the best possible quality of life. We work with most of the area’s neurologists and sports medicine specialists. Over the years, they have come to trust our programs and treatment protocols.

The most important thing for patients to understand when treating a neurological condition is that no two people are the same and no two treatment plans are the same.  Each person responds in their own time and we are there to help every step of the way.

Jaw Pain: Many children and adults suffer from chronic jaw and facial pain. Some common symptoms include pain in or around the ear, tenderness of the jaw, pain when biting, or headaches. Many things can cause facial pain, which can make it difficult to diagnose and treat.

Jaw pain can happen all of a sudden, or it can start off mild and become more intense over time. However, the exact symptoms will vary depending on the root cause. Identifying the underlying issue is the first step in treating this condition.

Common types of head and jaw pain treated at Progressive Physical Therapy


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