Hip Pain: Hip pain can be the result of injury to several different structures in and around the hip. It can be caused by dysfunction of the hip joint itself, muscles that surround the hip or even from other areas such as the low back.

Generally pain from the joint itself is felt deep in the hip and groin, occasionally causing pain into the thigh and knee. If muscles are involved, the pain is typically located over the side of the hip or upper thigh area. Symptoms can vary from stiffness, aching, or sharp shooting pain into the areas mentioned above. Typically symptoms are worse with standing activities. Physical therapy can help to manage your symptoms by identifying whether you need strengthening exercises, mobility exercises, hands-on stretching and mobilization or a combination.

Groin Strain:  Groin strains typically occur with sudden changes in direction involved with running and cutting sports or sudden falls. This occurs when the hip adductor muscles are “strained” or stretched too much.

The initial pain is usually sharp and located to the inner thigh and hip. Often, it is difficult to walk or run afterwards and a pulling or popping sensation could be felt or heard. Groin injuries can take several weeks to heal, especially in athletes that continue to play their sport. Physical therapy can help to determine whether the strain is severe enough to have the athlete refrain from participating in their sport. If the strain is mild, there are treatments the therapist can use to help the athlete continue to participate in their sport. Ultimately, these injuries resolve with time and rest, however, exercises given by the physical therapist can help to prevent re-injury and full return to sport or activities.

Common types of hip and groin pain treated at Progressive Physical Therapy


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